Yumna LNJ (ZT Magnanimus × Om El Bedelia) Chestnut Filly , Born 2015 We think this is one of the prettiest fillies born at Om El Arab this year! Congratulations to Linjawi Arabians on breeding and owning this gorgeous filly! We hope she brings you much success in the future. BY (Om El Arab International) [...]
Afiyah LNJ (ZT Magnanimus × Om El Afina) Grey Filly , Born 2015 This gorgeous filly is the first born foal of the Linjawi Arabians and Om El Arab collaberation between their mares and our beautiful stallion ZT Magnanimus. Afiyah LNJ is proudly bred and owned by Linjawi Arabians. She is out of the Alfabia [...]